Time to dust off this baby

I guess life happened and the blog posts got pushed further and further down the ‘to do list’. And that’s where I got it all wrong – I saw it as something that had to be done, instead of something I truly enjoyed, a passion.

There is no doubt that writing is my passion. I do it everyday. I get inspired on the train to work or watching TV or going shopping. I’ve filled many notebooks with all sorts of writing from book reviews, to ideas for blog posts, book chapters and short stories. Most of the time I ‘write’ in my head, to the point of exhaustion and frustration. Why don’t I just simply write these things down? Well, that’s a really good question. It is probably a mixture of fear – that what I write and publish is rubbish, irrelevant or of little value to anyone out there – and sheer laziness. So it is time to face the fears and do it anyway.

To be honest, over the last few months I did a lot of soul searching and thinking about what I want to do ‘when I grow up’ and one way or another it always came back to reading and writing. As a result, a kernel of a business idea was born that got me so excited the other day I was jumping out of joy all over the house. More about that later.

In honour of my new committment to writing, I changed the subtitle of my blog name. It used to say “Tempest Thoughts of a ravenous reader and wannabe writer”. Now that I truly believe, I’ve changed it to ‘Tempest Thoughts of a ravenous reader and aspiring writer’.

Happy reading!

Maja xx

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