Bella’s Top 10 Christmas Books for Children

This is a ‘guest post’ by my 9-year old daughter. Miss Bella has been bugging me about doing her own review, so I gave her a task of choosing, reading and reviewing Australian-themed Christmas books. Over to you Bella.

Christmas Wombat, by Jackie French and Bruce Whatley

I have lots of books by Jackie French and Bruce Whatley. (My favourite is The Shaggy Gully Times). This is very funny with Mothball, the wombat, trying to get her carrots and find a place to sleep and not caring much about Christmas. I really enjoy reading this book.


Lulu Bell and the Christmas Elf, by Belinda Murrell

I have just finished reading this and I really like it. I like how Lulu Bell helps her friends, Olivia and Jo, find their lost cat so that they can all have a happy Christmas time. This is great for 9 year old girls, like me. Now I want to read other Lulu Bell books.

Little Dog and the Christmas Wish, by Corinne Fenton and Robin Cowcher

This book made me sad when Little Dog got lost in Melbourne, but I was happy again when he found his way back home again. I really like illustrations in this book.

That Aussie Christmas Book, by Andrew Daddo

This is a very funny book, full of silly stories and carols. Even my dad likes this one. Great for 9-year old kids like me.

Brucie Saves Christmas, by Yvonne Morrison and Michelle Pike

Brucie is a smart and shy joey who likes to read and who goes on to help Santa to deliver presents on time. 

A Bush Christmas, by C J Dennis and Dee Huxley

This is about how Christmas is in the bush. It was written long time ago but this is with new illustrations. It teaches us about bush at Christmas time from long time ago.

Letty’s Christmas, Our Australian Girl Series, Book 4, by Alison Lloyd and Lucia Masciullo

This is another book about old times. I have read the Grace Stories, but this is my first Letty book. It is about settler girls and their new life in Australia. These are very intresting books as they teach us about history, but they are for older girls.

A Snugglepot and Cuddlepie Christmas, by Mark MacLeod and May Gibbs

This is another great story that I enjoyed reading.

Tea and Sugar Christmas, by Jane Jolly and Robert Ingpen

I really love trains so I really love this book about the real train that went from Port Augusta to Kalgoorlie once a week to deliver groceries and also to take Father Christmas to visit children in the remote communities. One of my favourite books.

Applesauce and the Christmas Miracle, by Glenda Millard and Stephen Michael King

This is my favourite Christmas book. I read it all the time, not only at Christmas. I like the name of the little pig (Applesauce) and the story is really wonderful.

Thank you Bella for your fabulous reviews. What is your or your child(ren)’s favourite Christmas book?


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