Christmas Gifts for Writers

It’s December 1. The Christmas is 24 days away and you are still frantically searching for a gift for your writer friend. Fear not. Here are my suggestions for some beautiful gifts. (Please note: I am not affiliated with any company or organisation mentioned in this post. I simply like the products or services they offer.)


I don’t mean a time piece (watch or clock) or time machine, but actual time to write. Writers are always craving more time as deadlines are always looming, so perhaps you can give them some of your time.

You could write a pledge or design a ‘time gift voucher’ for things such as baby sitting, lawn mowing, taking kids to the zoo, taking dogs to the park, cleaning their house, making their favourite meal or two. To me, this is the ultimate gift of love and friendship.

Gifts that keep on giving
Another favourite of mine. We already have too much junk stuff (dear friends and family, this does not apply to your gifts, of course ) and I truly prefer that money is spent on those who truly need it.
Maybe you already know you friend’s favourite charity, but if not here are some of mine:

  • Gift of literacy. Make a donation to Indigenous Literacy Foundation which will go towards
    via Indigenous Literacy Foundation

    purchasing books for kids living in remote communities such as Tiwi Islands.

  • Fair trade gifts. Try Oxfam Shop for beautiful hand-made fair trade gifts from skilled people from around the world
  • Ever wanted to give someone a goat for Christmas? Now you can through Oxfam Unwrapped.
  • Is your friend an animal lover who deeply cares for their welfare? How about a donation on their behalf to an animal welfare cause such as Hens Deserve Better?
  • Your friend is a scarf aficionado. Than this scarf, by Perth designer Jessica Bratich is an ideal gift. It is not only beautiful, but 70% of all profits go directly to the Telethon Adventurers to fund vital childhood cancer research.
  • Toilet Paper. Yes, writers use the ‘throne room’ too (this and the shower is where the Muse likes to hide). But this is toilet paper with a difference. The guys from Who Gives a Crap donate 50% of all profits to WaterAid to build toilets and improve sanitation in the developing world.

Tools of trade

  • Books. We writers equally love reading and writing. If you are not sure about genre that your friend likes, a gift voucher is fine. Two of my favourite bookstores in Perth are Beaufort Street Books and Stefen’s Books. Or you can try online bookstore such as Booktopia.
  • Notebooks – I am always jotting things down and
    I have at least 3 notebooks going on simultaneously so these never go astray.
  • Scrivener – Must-have writing software. Absolutely brilliant. And only $40 USD. Why not add the Scrivener online course as well?
  • Subscription to the Australian Society of Authors or a favourite journal or
    magazine. A friend once gave me a subscription to the New Yorker which I absolutely love.
  • Tote. We are always carrying books, notebooks and
    laptops. I love my Jane Eyre tote from Out of Print, which was also a gift from a friend. I also like this Pride and Prejudice one and
    this I like Big Books one.

Gift vouchers
Gift vouchers are great as last-minute gifts. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with them. Grocery store vouchers are always welcome here.

The Ultimate Gift 

All I want for Christmas is a literary agent.

And if by any chance you’ve just won lotto, or inherited a nice chunk of money
from your rich great-uncle George or just stumbled across a pot of gold at the
end of the rainbow, this is what you could do for your writer mate:

  • Pay off their mortgage
  • Establish a publishing house
  • Publish their novel, which, of course, is the
    bestseller anyway
  • Option their book for a movie. It is after all a based on a bestseller and has ‘Oscar
    winner’ written all over it

Now that’s what I call friendship!

What is your favourite Christmas gift that you have either received or given to someone else?

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