Australian Women Writers 2015 Challenge

I have just signed up for this year’s challenge.

Although I didn’t post any reviews last year, I read slightly over the required 6 books of the Miles – all in all 25 books.

I’m staying at the Miles level again this year (although I have already finished reading 3 books this year and it’s only 9th of January!), and although I will clearly read more than 6 books, the aim this year is to publish at least the 4 required reviews.

Those three books I’ve already devoured? Nefarious Doings by Ilsa Evans, Giants of the Frost by Kim Wilkins and Thornwood House by Anna Romer.

I am currently reading The Ark by Annabel Smith and the next on the TBR pile are Melissa Luckashenko’s Mullumbimby and Favel Parrett’s When the Night Comes.

Have you joined the challenge? 

What are you currently reading or planning to read this year?

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