Australian Women Writers 2015 Challenge

Another year of reading fabulous Australian women
authors is over. And it turned out to be an interesting one. Without any conscious planning, most of the books I read in 2015 would fit into contemporary women’s fiction category (genre?). As this is not a genre that I usually read, I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed reading all of them.

So here is what I read in 2015 (in no particular order):

  • The Wife Drought, Annabel Crabb
  • The Husband’s Secret, Liane Moriarty
  • Daughters of the Storm, Kim Wilkins
  • Giants of the Frost, Kim Wilkins
  • The Golden Widows, Isolde Martyn
  • The Dressmaker, Rosalie Ham
  • Dark Country, Bronwyn Parry
  • As Darkness Falls, Bronwyn Parry
  • Hunting for Witches, Lana Pecherczyk
  • What Goes on Tour, Claire Boston
  • Stormfate, Louisa Loder
  • I, Morgana, Felicity Pulman
  • Blood Oath: The Janna Chronicles 1, Felicity Pulman
  • Thornwood House, Anna Romer
  • Nefarious Doings , Ilsa Evans
  • The Beast’s Garden, Kate Forsyth
  • Mothers Grimm, Danielle Wood
  • The Soldier’s Wife, Pamela Hart
  • When the Night Comes, Favel Parrett
  • A Time of Secrets, Deborah Burrows
  • The Anchoress, Robyn Cadwallader
  • The Shadowfell Trilogy, Juliet Marillier
  • A Single Stone, Meg McKinlay
  • Your Best Year Ever, Kelly Exeter
  • The Ark, Annabel Smith 
  • Ocean’s Justice (Turbulence and Triumph), Demelza Carlton
  • Love at First Flight, Tess Woods

The standout read is Mag McKinlay’s young adult novel A Single Stone.

The best historical fiction novel – The Anchoress

The best fantasy novel – Hunting for Witches by Perth indie author Lana Pecherczyk.

The best women’s fiction – Love at First Sight, Tess Woods.

So what’s on the list for 2016?

I am half way through Lisa Chaplin’s Tide Watchers, Joan London’s The Golden Age is on my bedside table and I am eager to read Natasha Lester’s upcoming A Kiss from Mr Fitzgerald.

How did you go? What is on your TBR list for 2016?

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